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WordPress 4.9.4 Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.9.4 maintenance release is now available. This release fixes a severe bug in 4.9.3, which will cause sites that support automatic background updates to fail to update automatically, and will require action from you (or your host) for it to be updated to 4.9.4.

New ways to measure your users in Google Analytics

Measure your users in Google Analytics Almost 90% of marketing executives say that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to marketing success. Today’s customers have incredibly high expectations for personalized and relevant experiences from brands. That’s why Google Analytics keeps working to

Audience Data Mining Case Study: PBS & LunaMetrics

A Modern Love Story… A Data Mining Case Study for the 2018 Data Lover Google Analytics 360 can be used to collect and process a wealth of data, and there are many opportunities to make use of it. But some companies want to take advantage

Dagnabbit: Why We Love Marketers Who Curse

Why we love cursing Marketers… We’ve been together for a while now, Marketing Blog readers. I’ve shared stories with you about business school, my surprise revelation that I’m an introvert, and other personal tidbits here and there. Here’s one that I hope won’t lower your

A Love Story for the Ages: Marketing Commits to Measurement

Working together, Marketing and Measurement can uncover insights that will improve your marketing, your customer experiences, and ultimately your business. To reach that next relationship level, Marketing can’t just casually date Measurement when it’s convenient. They need a real commitment.

13 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017

The landscape of web design trends is constantly evolving. Check out this 13 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017 from Hubspot. Something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can appear dated seemingly overnight, and trends once dismissed as irrevocably passé can unexpectedly cycle back in vogue. With

3 Ways to Better Support Marketing Decisions with Data

How to Make better Marketing Decisions? Marketing Decisions – It’s often said that marketing is both an art and a science. The science side is increasingly in the spotlight as companies use data to optimize the customer experience at every touchpoint. But, ensuring that insights