PPC Management for Growing Businesses

Building a brand online is arduous work. It takes strategy, planning and consistent effort to stand out from the competition. We believe firmly in the power of SEO and is always our prime objective when establishing a websites digital presence. To supplement that long-term SEO plan, PPC management facilitates immediate exposure and the conversion power of pay per click.

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click (PPC) is a way of increasing visibility and directing traffic to your website. The goal is the same as other digital marketing practices, but the results are faster.

There are two main methods of building a brand online – SEO and PPC. The difference is that SEO is a slow build up through organic reach – in this case, organic means free. PPC is targeted and impactful paid ads that internet users click to engage with your brand.

How Your Business Grows Through PPC Management

As we’ve mentioned, PPC ads generate a response and do it quickly. Where other strategies take months to nurture along, PPC can produce measurable improvements in traffic and visibility in a matter of hours.

When you’re ready to see results today, which path are you going to choose? Need a little more convincing? Here are a few numbers to drive home the value of a professionally designed PPC campaign.

  • Advertisers saw an improvement in PPC success in 2017, compared to the year before
  • It’s estimated that brands are going to spend 40% more on PPC in the coming year, making it essential to develop a competitive campaign
  • Businesses earn an average of $3 for every $1 spent on a Google AdWords campaign
  • Nearly 65% of online consumers will click on a Google Ad when they’re looking specifically to make a purchase
  • Visitors that come through a PPC ad are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those that come through organic traffic

Seen enough to think that PPC might be a valuable asset to your digital marketing game plan? Let us tell you a little bit more about how the Radcrafters team produces powerful results through our approach to PPC management.

How Your Business Will Benefit from the Radcrafters Experience

Like other forms of digital marketing, succeeding with PPC is all about getting above your competition. This requires a combination of mad digital marketing skills and keen instincts about how to build a campaign that elevates your brand to the top while maximizing your PPC marketing budget. At Radcrafters, we have three main priorities for your PPC campaign – visibility, clickability, and conversion potential.


Something happens every single minute that you’re not at the top of search results. You lose visibility as your competitors gain it. With constant shifts in search engine algorithms, staying at the top of heap with organic reach alone is one of tallest orders in digital marketing. If you’re not at the top, customers can’t find you. PPC management designed by Radcrafters can put you there.

First, we get to know your business, your goals and the audience that matters most to your success. From there, we research and develop a keyword and ad strategy that places you at the top where you’ll benefit from a major competitive advantage.


Without the click, PPC isn’t much of a strategy at all. PPC success is about so much more that hitting the target with keywords. It’s about understanding your audience, their behaviors and what sparks engagement. We consider these elements through the entire process to create a PPC campaign that generates clicks and performs across the board for your growing business.

Conversion Potential

You pay every time that someone clicks on your ad. Those that click and then back away represent money lost for your business. While it’s entirely possible to earn back those visitors through nurturing, we’re devoted to producing an awesome ROI by creating a PPC management campaign that targets the most qualified prospects of your audience from the start.

Our expertise in understanding digital markets gives us the ability to separate an audience with moderate conversion potential from the one that’s ready to invest in your brand. We customize PPC campaigns to reach the segment of your audience that you’re ready to meet. From the initial hello to conversion, our approach to PPC is designed to fuel your growth.

Are You Ready to Fast-Track Your Success?

At Radcrafters we offer a full range of digital marketing services, including PPC management and development. We’re the pay per click agency that is prepared to dig in and do what it takes to create a PPC campaign that will elevate your businesses above the crowd in search results. Contact us today to learn more.