Unlock collaboration with Google Workspace Essentials

More than 3 billion users stay in touch, share ideas, and get more done together in Google Workspace, across apps like Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. And starting today, we’re rolling out a new version designed to help people bring the apps they know and love to use in their personal lives to their work life. The new Google Workspace EssentialsStarter Edition is a no-cost solution for business users looking to enhance teamwork and unlock innovation with secure-by-design collaboration. With Essentials Starter, we’re making it easy for employees to choose their own productivity tools and bring modern collaboration to work.

Work easily and securely within your current environment

As the world of work continues to evolve in unprecedented ways, secure collaboration—at speed, at scale, across platforms, on multiple devices—has never been more important. Essentials Starter helps employees and their teams break down silos and work together in new ways, even if their organization still relies on legacy productivity tools that weren’t built for the hybrid era of work. There’s no need for a new email address, file conversions, new plug-ins, or desktop software. All of the tools in Essentials Starter will work quickly and easily within your existing environment. And because we designed Google Workspace to operate on our industry-leading cloud foundation, Essentials Starter provides encrypted and secure access to files, helping keep users safe and their information private.


Fuel collaboration with smart tables and checklists in Docs

How Essentials Starter works

Sign up with your work email for a no-cost Essentials Starter account. No credit card required and there’s no limited trial period.

Invite teammates to collaborate using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Chat, Drive, and Meet.

Unlock innovation with new ways of working with immersive, virtual meetings, and by storing, sharing, and collaborating on 100+ file types, including Microsoft Office, without the need for file conversions.

Collapse the boundaries between people, places, and timezones

In our recently commissioned hybrid work global survey with Economist Impact, when workers were asked what was most important to realize the benefits of hybrid work, their number one choice was “new technologies that allow for time and location flexibility.”*

Google Workspace was born in the cloud and designed for maximum flexibility; to be used from the location and device of your choice. Google Workspace brings chat, files, meetings, and your favorite apps into an intelligent hub so you—and your team—can connect, create, and collaborate from your PCs, tablets, and smartphones, across locations and time zones.


Accelerate projects with modern collaboration

Modern collaboration capabilities

Using the cloud-first approach of Google Workspace, teams can:

Experience modern collaboration without the burden of version control or email attachments. Brainstorm, build presentations, and glean insights from data using Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs.

Host secure video meetings to bring everyone together in one place. Conduct one-to-one video meetings (unlimited) and immersive team meetings (3-100 people; up to 60 minutes in duration each).

Real-time messaging with Google Chat. Share quick updates, files, and high-fives across the team with Google Chat, from one-to-one messages to larger group conversations.

A dedicated place for team collaboration in Spaces. Spaces are tightly integrated with Google Workspace tools like Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet, providing a better way for people to engage in topic-based discussions, share knowledge and ideas, move projects forward, and build communities and team culture.

Access work content securely from your devices. With 15 GB of storage in Google Drive, you can store, share, and access work content from your mobile device, tablet, or computer, and Drive for desktop can enable you to sync files and folders to your PC or Mac. Your Drive storage limits remain separate across your personal and Google Workspace Essentials Starter user accounts.

Work with existing tools without file conversions. Store, share, or co-edit 100+ file types, including Microsoft Office documents and PDFs without the need for file conversions.

Easily manage your team of collaborators. Add and remove team members effortlessly using a simple dashboard.


Immersive virtual and hybrid meetings in Google Meet

Over the past two years, organizations around the world have relied on Google Workspace to reimagine how work happens and enable modern collaboration across their teams to unlock innovation. During a time of enormous uncertainty, our customers have launched game-changing products, reached new audiences, accelerated lifesaving research, and digitally transformed their own customer experiences. Along the way, they’ve used Google Workspace to empower their employees—across homes, offices, and on the frontlines—to connect, create, and collaborate in powerful new ways. And starting today, with Essentials Starter, employees can make the switch from legacy productivity tools and experience the difference with Google Workspace.


Get started today.

* Economist Impact survey commissioned by Google in October 2021. The most popular answer when workers were asked about the most important condition needed to achieve the long-term success of hybrid work models was based on 42% of 1,244 respondents.