How to Create the Perfect Logo in 2020

The perfect logo is a crucial part of any brand and having a bad one can make your company start off way behind the competition. That is why so many companies are willing to spend a lot of money in order to make sure that they get a professional logo design service that will create them a worthwhile design. 

But spending a lot of money does not automatically equal success. Look no further than the 2007 London Olympics logo, it ended up costing $625,000 and widely considered one of the worst logos of the year. 

Therefore, you need to make sure that you are choosing a design company based on their previous work and capabilities rather than pricing models. More affordable services are often the ones that produce some of the best work rather than forgettable cookie-cutter logos. To help give you an idea of what logos you should be asking for in 2020, here are a few popular trends in logo design.

80s Designs

For anyone who is a fan of how the style was back in the 1980s, this year is going to be an exciting time for you since there are likely going to be a lot of logos that involve designs that are a direct throwback to 80s logos. Every few decades there seems to be an obsession with vintage styles, and lately, we have been seeing this happen with the 80s. 

What this means for logo design is a lot of bright neon colors, incorporation of pixels, and a fair amount of chrome. This helps to give these companies access to people’s nostalgia, which is a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing. A powerful tool because nostalgia is linked to emotion and emotions are notorious for effectively selling products or services.

Especially Thin Lines

As computer technology available for designing logos becomes progressively more advanced, designing services are starting to test the limits of what is capable for a logo design. A perfect example is the inclusion of designs that incorporate plenty of incredibly thin lines. 

The reason why these thin lines are becoming so popular now is that we have finally reached a point where the vast majority of businesses have a strong online presence. It is rare to find a business that sells physical products that aren’t also online and many service-based companies are joining them in placing most of their efforts on their digital expansion. This means that the majority of the places that a logo will be showing up is in a digital space. 

Therefore, logos don’t need to be nearly as simplistic in order to make reproduction on physical products a lot easier. Instead, they can now incorporate more complex designs such as those that include a lot of very thin lines. 

The reason why this type of design is so popular with consumers is that they give off a futuristic vibe and appear much sleeker than the more basic logos. This is something that is especially useful for any company who operates in the technology sector.


As previously mentioned, bright neon colors are making a comeback. A common way in which many logos are incorporating these colors is in gradient form. By creating a gradient color design, it helps to create a more interesting way of combining two or more colors into a single shape. 

Plus, by using gradients, it allows the design to create shadow effects and give logos a three-dimensional depth that can really draw in someone’s attention. Because of the heavy digital presence of most businesses, this kind of design is now able to be more widely used since it does not come across nearly as well in a print format compared to its digital form.

Sans Serif Font

Serif or sans-serif, which is most common in logo design?

The vast majority of logos will incorporate either letters or words in them since this is an important part of connecting the image with the business. Otherwise, it is just going to be an interesting image that attracts viewers but does not form any sort of name recognition. This makes the wording or letters used in the logo incredibly important. That is why it comes in handy to know which fonts have been shown to be the most successful in recent years. 

The vast majority of logos use some sort of Serif font when including letters or words in their logo. But among these logos that use a variation of the Serif font, the Sans Serif font is by far the most popular. In fact, it accounts for nearly three-quarters of all logo letter design. This makes it somewhat of a no brainer when it comes to what font to use unless a logo is trying to reflect a very specific style such as an 80s vibe. 

30s Designs

The 80s isn’t the only decade that is receiving a lot of attention in 2020. There also happens to be a lot of modern logos that feature the distinctive look from drawings created back in the 1930s. This is often seen as a direct attempt to get away from the futuristic technologies being produced nowadays and replace it with the simplistic and vintage style from almost a century ago. Because this trend has just started to surface, it is an extremely effective way of standing out from competitors and really capturing an audience’s attention. 

In order to accomplish a logo with a distinctive 30s look, it usually needs to avoid having an overly complicated image or linework and should instead incorporate a hand-drawn look with only two different colors used throughout.

By incorporating some of these trends into your perfect logo design, it will help to make sure that it is including what people want to see right now. To get help creating the perfect logo to reflect your company and overall brand, make sure to contact our team of professionals at Radcrafters today.