PPC Intro Management – 6 Months


PPC Intro Management – 6 Months

$4,494.00 $4,045.00

Radcrafters’ PPC Intro Management Package is ideal for the startup or small business with a minimal budget or just want to test out PPC for their business.

PPC Intro Package Includes:

Transparent reporting, Campaign Setup, Campaign Goal Optimization, Extensions and Email Budget & Account Review Reports as well as access to our client dashboard 24/7.

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    If you’re just looking to get started this PPC Intro will allow you to get your feet wet with either Google or Facebook PPC advertising.

    In general, we focus on the top 3 advertising platforms: Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter and Facebook. Similar to SEO, placing PPC ads on the search engine results page allows you, the advertiser to display ad to people who have expressed interest in keywords related to you. This means that PPC clicks are targeted and are reaching valid prospects with a higher interest in your product or service than many other forms of advertising.

    This PPC Intro Package is intended for budgets up to $5,000 and includes management of either Google Adwords or Facebook PPC advertising. Please note that this management package does not include the platform fees for advertising, this is only the management of your advertising program and will be a monthly recurring expense. You may purchase discounted 3 month or 6 month packages as well.

    Included in PPC Intro is the following:

    Ongoing Campaign Management
    Ad Platforms Supported
    Ad Campaigns
    Keyword Ad Groups
    Mobile Ad Campaign
    Contextual Display Advertising

    Keyword Research
    Daily Budget Set-up
    Ad Scheduling
    Campaign Structuring
    Ad Copy Creation
    Ad Extensions
    Set-up Reporting

    Maximize Clicks
    Cost Per Conversion (Lead/Phone)

    App Extensions
    Call Extensions
    Location Extensions
    Review Extensions
    Sitelink Extensions
    Callout Extensions
    Automatic Extensions

    Pre-sales Support
    Account Review Email Report
    24/7 Dashboard Access and Reporting

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