FAQ | Common questions about Radcrafters

  • How can I get the Free Website Audit Report for my site?

    Please complete the form on this page. The report takes a few minutes to run, once complete you will receive an email with a link to your report dashboard on our website.

  • Are you available for single project work?

    Absolutely! If you’re just looking for a catalog or have an event coming up and need a single project hit we’re happy to get get you what you need quickly and send you on your way. We’ll be here for you in the future too so we’ll hope to see you again of course.

  • I have a startup and need an agency to help me with everything, can you do that?

    This is something we’re particularly well built for as no two startups are the same. We don’t have cookie-cutter solutions, your industry, competition and product or service will help us determine what will best server your market entry. From brand identity development to long term content strategy we can support your business.

  • Can you help me maintain my website once it's launched?

    Absolutely! We have several options for management should you like us to do it for you. We’re also happy to train someone on your internal team for updated and content management. In the end, we’re here as much or as little as you need us but we’ll always have your back.

  • I just need something printed that my designer created, can you help?

    Absolutely! We work with several commercial printers across the US so regardless of your location we can turn around high quality print materials quickly. We can help with final file prep as well to be sure your project prints perfectly.

  • What kind of items can you print?

    We can provide a full range of paper goods, apparel and several branded promotional items. If you have a specialty need that our partners do not provide, we’ll hit the streets and help you find the right vendor for the right price.

  • I love the photography on your site, who is the photographer?

    The photography featured on our site is sourced from a variety pf photographers and outlets. We will share the source of our photography here if you’d like to reach out the the photographers directly.

  • How do I know if my current website is mobile-friendly.

    Google offers a quick tool to run a scan on your website. Just enter in your domain, click the “Run Test” button and you are on your way.

    Visit the Google Mobile friendly test here

  • What is AMP and do I need this for my website?

    In a nutshell, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.  AMP development at its core is focused on high performance and engagement for mobile users. It includes both website design and digital advertising. Whether it is right for your business is a discussion. We have some clients that are adamant about it’s necessity and others that take more convincing. In the end you should know that AMP enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. AMP pages load near instantly enabling you to offer a consistently fast experience across all devices and platforms that link to AMP Pages including Google, Bing, LinkedIn and more. These performance gains often translate in improvements in the numbers that matter, such as time spent on page, return visits and CTRs. Read more about the AMP Project here.

  • How Much Does Radcrafters SEO Services Cost?

    Your monthly cost for Radcrafters SEO services depends upon several variables related to what exists, your competition and how much needs to be done. We can provide consulting only services to assess your current program and uncover opportunities that your team deploys or we can take on your project from beginning to end, it will depend upon your goals and bandwidth. 

  • How do I get on page one of Google for a specific keyword?

    There is no quick fix, one size fits all solution but Google gives preference to websites with quality content and relevant keywords that speak to and attract readers as well as provide their crawlers with a logical and succinct understanding of your content so that they may deliver quality content to the person searching. You should note that keyword stuffing, the process of placing a keyword as many times as possible within your content is not sufficient, in fact, without well written content, this will hurt your rankings.

  • How long does it take to start seeing results with SEO?

    As with all things SEO, it will depend upon multiple variables including your current website state and the level of work required to build your foundation. Progress is possible within a few months, but should you need to recover from a Google penalty or clean up your website content and backlinks then it could take upwards of 6 months to see real progress. But don’t let that scare you, you intend to continue operating your business and optimizing your website and your content is only going to do great things for your brand in the long run.